In January 2025, WWE RAW will leave the USA Network, and linear television, for the first time in the program’s 31 year history, and become a streaming-only live weekly show on Netflix. This applies to the US, but also Canada, the UK, Latin America, and other areas, with more to be added.

Outside of the US, Netflix will also become the streaming home of Smackdown, NXT, and all WWE Premium Live Events (PLEs) including WrestleMania (currently streaming on SportsNet Plus in Canada). WWE documentaries and original programming, such as The Broken Skull Sessions, will move to Netflix internationally as well.

WWE, and its parent company TKO Group Holdings, announced the deal this morning in a press release ahead of the stock market opening. Several outlets are reporting the agreement lasts 10 years, and is worth $5 billion.

“This deal is transformative,” according to TKO President and COO Mark Shapiro. “It marries the can’t-miss WWE product with Netflix’s extraordinary global reach and locks in significant and predictable economics for many years. Our partnership fundamentally alters and strengthens the media landscape, dramatically expands the reach of WWE, and brings weekly live appointment viewing to Netflix.”

Dwane Johnson, aka The Rock, who has an existing partnership with Netflix, and a long history with the WWE, was named to the TKO Board of Directors today as well.

The USA Network, RAW’s home on cable TV for most of the program’s existence, will still host WWE content in 2025, having recently acquired Smackdown, which will continue airing on FOX Network until later this year. NXT, the company’s developmental brand, will move to broadcast television on The CW later this year, away from USA.

RAW will remain on Monday nights. No word on if it will remain a three hour show, or go back to two. Also no word on what advertising model the show will have at its new home.

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