SVS Reviews was founded in September 2023 by Jason C. McLean, with a mission to cover different franchises and fandoms with reviews, news, and trailer releases. Our perspective is both honest and non-toxic, and “We like what you like!”

According to Jason:

“I found myself watching and reading reviews and reaction videos, and listening to podcasts about the various franchises I follow, and thought I’d like to add my two cents, and not just in comments. Then it occurred to me that I know how to set up a media site, and have hosted plenty a YouTube video, so why not apply those skills and join the conversation properly. I created SVS Reviews, and affiliated it with Silo Voice Studios, an independent production company in Montreal I also founded, then I got to work.”

– Jason C. McLean

We’re currently covering Star Wars, Star Trek, and WWE Wrestling, plus an assortment of other topics. More franchises will be added as more people with interest in them join our team. We’re currently only written content, but video will be coming soon.

You can help us progress by supporting us on Patreon, buying merch, or following us on our socials. If you want to join us on our journey, please contact